october 2008

Alcoholic beverage preference and dietary pattern in Spanish university graduates: the SUN cohort study

OBJECTIVE: To describe the association between alcohol beverage preference and dietary habits comparing wine drinkers with other alcoholic beverage drinkers and with nondrinkers in Spanish university graduates. SUBJECTS: A total of 10 526 men and women, who were recruited using mailed questionnaires, participated in this study. METHODS: A semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire previously validated in Spain was used together with other questionnaires designed to collect lifestyle characteristics. RESULTS: Wine drinkers reported higher intake of fibre and olive oil, and lower consumption of fat (only men), dairy products, sugared soda drinks and fast food as compared with other alcoholic beverage groups and nondrinkers. Men nondrinkers were more likely to be physically active during their leisure time than wine drinkers. No relevant differences were found in adherence to the Mediterranean food pattern according to alcoholic beverage preference. CONCLUSION: This similarity in dietary patterns between wine drinkers and other groups suggests that the positive cardiovascular effects reported for wine should not be attributed to an overall healthier dietary pattern of wine drinkers.

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  • Authors

    Alcacera M.A.; Marques-Lopes I.; Fajo-Pascual M.; Foncillas J.P.; Carmona-Torre F.; Martinez-Gonzalez M.A.
  • Issue

    Eur.J.Clin.Nutr., pages 1178-1186, volume 62
  • Published Date

    october 2008