Our mission & our actions
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Our mission & our actions


Scientific data about wine and health issues are published regularly, the WIC’s mission is to:

  • Collect, analyse, and disseminate the latest scientific information on wine, health and social aspects.

  • Assess whether the content published by Wine in Moderation is up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence.

  • Provide evidence-based scientific information and interpretation of the science.

  • Promote scientific research.


  • Identify the latest available research on wine and health topics & update the scientific database available on this website.

  • Interpret the available research, helping non-scientists understand this research.

  • Making sure the information that is being communicated through Wine in Moderation is scientifically accurate.

  • Put scientific research in perspective as Wine information Council.

  • Liaise with other scientists for interpretation of the publications.

  • Participate in scientific conferences in the name of the WIC.