Latest scientific news 02 November 2016

Wine is NOT the preferred beverage for binge drinking with young US adults

The current study examined which types of beverages was most often consumed at high levels (defined as 5+ drinks in the past 2 weeks) by US young adults.

Binge drinkingBinge drinking (consuming rapidly four or more alcoholic drinks over a short period of time) has bee... is wide-spread among young adults and this type of behavior is associated with negative consequences for both drinkers and the general public. US researchers examined which type of beverages are most often consumed at high levels by 19-20 years old young adults.

Overall 5+ drinking was reported by 31.4% of the respondents. Results indicate that spirits/liquor (22.6%) and beer (22.4%) 5+ binge drinking were more common than wine (4.5%) and wine cooler (3%) 5+ drinking. Men were more likely than women to engage in 5+ binge drinking. The authors conclude that efforts to reduce heavy drinking may be enhanced by targeting these 2 beverage types specifically.


Stern, S.A. Terry-McElrath Y.M, Patrick, M.E. Beverage-specific patterns of 5+ alcoholic drink consumption by young adults in the US, Addictive Behaviors 65 (2017): 19-24

For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.