Events 04 December 2014

The International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences

Location: Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

Date: 3 — 5 June 2015

The International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences at Montclair State University will be a vital cross-disciplined meeting of experts across international food genres. The venue will uniquely bring together food scholars from all over the world with local and national culinarians, food scientists, food enthusiasts and members of the food trade. Reputed culinary, food science and nutrition scholars will present their research papers during a number of scheduled keynote and breakout sessions. Students will be able to present papers at special sessions. The conference will offer many opportunities for the sharing of ideas, networking and future collaborations. The location of the conference, only 12-miles from New York City, further enables the attendance of colourful food personalities and experts.

Food and eating are central to our daily life, intimately associated to the health and wellbeing of societies and individuals. Therefore, food and eating are at the core of International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences, the conference where academics and practitioners meet to present and discuss their work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. Since its inception, the conference theme has always been Culinary Arts and Culinary Sciences. The food and foodservice industries are a large and integral part of most economies but in academia they are invariably treated as separate and distinct disciplines. These operate in isolation, often blissfully unaware of what each other are doing. The primary purpose of the conference, therefore, has and continues to be to break-down barriers which might exist and bring people together so that each can see, not only what the other is doing, but also to foster a better understanding of some of these issues, problems and concerns they have.

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