Events 23 February 2023

Scientific debate at the Italian Senate – Mediterranean Drinking. The health effects of moderate wine consumption

In a conference “Mediterranean Drinking. The health effects of moderate wine consumption”, which took place at the Italian Senate on February 16, 2023, scientists were invited to present the results of their latest study and discussed the latest epidemiological and clinical evidence, which shows the protective role of moderate wine consumption on health, in particular as part of a Mediterranean eating and drinking pattern.

It is important to inform in a balanced and transparent matter and to distinguish between wine and other alcoholic beverages as well as moderate consumption and abuse.

The recent controversy and media debate following the Irish law regarding health warnings on labels have made it clear that, even in Italy, it is necessary to have a scientific point of reference for balanced and transparent research and information on wine food and health.

During this conference, the founding of an Italian Institute for Research on Wine, Food and Health was also announced. The new institution, chaired by Luigi Tonino Marsella, Department of Biomedicine and Prevention at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, aims at promoting and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and information of issues concerning the Mediterranean Diet and the moderate and conscious consumption of wine, in relation to balanced nutrition, health and well-being of the population, safeguarding and enhancing the culture of the territory. The Institute will stimulate research, in-depth study, discussion and participation among academics, institutions, industry and health professionals to transparently educate consumers and make culture about wine, nutrition and health.

Source: Press release UIV