The influence of drinking pattern, at individual and aggregate levels, on alcohol-related negative consequences

AIM: To determine the extent drinking patterns (at the individual and country level) are associated with alcohol-related consequences over and above the total alcohol the person consumes.

METHODS: Hierarchical linear models were estimated based on general population surveys conducted in 18 countries participating in the GENACIS project.

RESULTS: In general, the positive association between drinking pattern scores and alcohol-related consequences was found at both the individual and country levels, independent of volume of drinking. In addition, a significant interaction effect indicated that the more detrimental the country's drinking pattern, the less steep the association between the volume of drinking and its consequences.

CONCLUSION: Drinking patterns have an independent impact on consequences over and above the relationship between volume and consequences.

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  • Authors

    Astudillo M.; Kuntsche S.; Graham K.; Gmel G.
  • Issue

    Eur.Addict.Res. / pages 115-123 / volume 16
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