december 2010

The effects of sensation seeking, misperceptions of peer consumption, and believability of social norms messages on alcohol consumption

The social norms marketing approach is one method used to reduce extreme alcohol consumption. The current study implemented a web-based survey (N = 891) to assess whether sensation-seeking, perceived moderate drinking norms, and social norm message believability impacted alcohol consumption on a college campus. Sensation seeking was not directly related to normative perceptions of others' moderate alcohol consumption. Sensation seeking, perceived norms, and message believability all had direct effects on alcohol consumption, and the interaction of sensation seeking and message believability impacted alcohol consumption, while the interaction of sensation seeking and perceived norms on alcohol consumption was marginally significant. Implications of these findings for the social norms marketing approach are discussed.

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  • Authors

    Glazer E.; Smith S.W.; Atkin C.; Hamel L.M.
  • Issue

    J.Health Commun. / pages 825-839 / volume 15
  • Published Date

    december 2010