1 december 2013

Systematic differences among never, occasional and moderate alcohol users in southern China, and its use in alcohol research: a cross-sectional study

BACKGROUND: Western observational studies show moderate alcohol use, compared with never use, positively associated with health. Moderate users differ systematically from others, making these observations vulnerable to confounding. Observations from other contexts may help distinguish whether these associations are confounded. To assess whether southern Chinese would provide a more suitable setting to examine the association of moderate alcohol use with health, we compared never alcohol users with moderate alcohol users and occasional users in this setting. METHODS: We used age-adjusted multinomial regression to assess sex-stratified associations of alcohol use (never, occasional (<1 occasion/week), moderate (

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  • Authors

    Yeung S.L.; Jiang C.Q.; Zhang W.S.; Lam T.H.; Cheng K.K.; Leung G.M.; Schooling C.M.
  • Issue

    J.Epidemiol.Community Health / pages 1054-1060 / volume 67
  • Published Date

    1 december 2013