Subjective valoration of risk perception and alcohol consumption among Spanish students

Although Spanish adolescents recognize that reiterative alcohol abusehas negative consequences over consumers and society in general,the percentages of teenagers who get drunk during the weekendskeep alarming high.Young people are exposed to a wide range of messages aboutthe externalities related to alcohol consumption whose connotationand importance are divergent. Our main goal is to analyze whichchannels are the most effective to reduce alcohol abuse. To that end,we focus on a theoretical framework which combines the forming ofrisk perceptions with the decision of consuming alcoholic beverages.We focus on young people because alcohol consumptionpatterns consolidate in adolescence and adolescents are also highlysensitive to peerpressure, and in general, to social forces.

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    Gil-Lacruz AI
  • Issue

    Salud Ment / pages 309-316 / volume 33
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