14 august 2020

Relationship between Diet, Microbiota, and Healthy Aging

Due to medical advances and lifestyle changes, population life expectancy has increased. For this reason, it is important to achieve healthy aging by reducing the risk factors causing damage and pathologies associated with age. Through nutrition, one of the pillars of health, we are able to modify these factors through modulation of the intestinal microbiota.

The Mediterranean and Oriental diets are proof of this, as well as the components present in them, such as fiber and polyphenols. These generate beneficial effects on the body thanks, in part, to their interaction with intestinal bacteria. Likewise, the low consumption of products with high fat content favors the state of the microbiota, contributing to the maintenance of good health.

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  • Authors

    Sanchez-Morate E.; Gimeno-Mallench L.; Stromsnes K.; Sanz-Ros J.; Roman-Dominguez A.; Parejo-Pedrajas S.; Ingles M.; Olaso G.; Gambini J.; Mas-Bargues C.
  • Issue

    Biomedicines . 2020 Aug 14;8(8):287
  • Published Date

    14 august 2020