12 march 2022

Associations between Low to Moderate Consumption of Alcoholic Beverage Types and Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review

AIMS: There is limited research comparing light to moderate wine, beer and spirits consumption and their impact on long-term health. This systematic review aims to investigate the studies published in the past 10 years and qualitatively assess the similarities and differences between the three main beverages, when consumed at a low to moderate level, for their associations with various health outcomes.

METHODS: A systematic search was conducted for comparative studies published in English language (2010 to mid-2021) of beverage-specific low to moderate alcohol consumption associated with all-cause mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus type II.

RESULTS: The search yielded a total of 24 studies (8 meta-analyses; 15 prospective studies and 1 pooled analysis). Overall, most studies showed similar associations of different alcoholic beverages with chronic conditions, including all-cause mortality, many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus type II. Not all data are consistent. Some studies show more beneficial or detrimental effects of wine than other beverage types, whereas other studies show such effects for other beverages.

CONCLUSION: Moderate consumption of one specific alcoholic beverage (wine, beer or spirits) may not be consistently associated with higher or lower risks for common health outcomes as compared with moderate consumption of any of the other alcoholic beverages.

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  • Authors

    Estruch R.; Hendriks H. F. J.
  • Issue

    Alcohol Alcohol . 2022 Mar 12;57(2):176-184
  • Published Date

    12 march 2022