august 2023

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease: Is There a Safe Alcohol Consumption Limit for Liver Disease?

This review is to evaluate how much alcohol is safe in the context of alcohol-related liver disease (ALD). In patients without an established diagnosis of ALD consuming alcohol at quantities below 12 to 20 g daily with alcohol-free days is associated with a very low risk of developing disease. This risk is mediated by the presence of cofactors such as sex, medical comorbidity, obesity, and genetic factors. A threshold effect below which liver disease will not occur is not seen, instead a dose-response relationship where risk ranges from low to high. Once ALD is present, natural history studies confirm that continued alcohol consumption is clearly associated with an increased risk of ill health and premature death. In conclusion, low-level alcohol consumption in the absence of liver disease is associated with a very small risk of developing ALD, but once ALD is present patients should be supported to achieve complete abstinence from alcohol.

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  • Authors

    Pekarska K.; Parker R.
  • Issue

    Periodical: Semin Liver Dis - Volume: 43 - Number: 3 - Edition: 20230828
  • Published Date

    august 2023