28 november 2023

Adherence to the 2018 World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)/American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Cancer Prevention Recommendations and risk of 14 lifestyle-related cancers in the UK Biobank prospective cohort study

BACKGROUND: The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)/American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Cancer Prevention Recommendations are lifestyle-based recommendations which aim to reduce cancer risk. This study investigated associations between adherence, assessed using a standardised scoring system, and the risk of all cancers combined and of 14 cancers for which there is strong evidence for links with aspects of lifestyle in the UK.

METHODS: We used data from 94,778 participants (53% female, mean age 56 years) from the UK Biobank. Total adherence scores (range 0-7 points) were derived from dietary, physical activity, and anthropometric data. Associations between total score and cancer risk (all cancers combined; and prostate, breast, colorectal, lung, uterine, liver, pancreatic, stomach, oesophageal, head and neck, ovarian, kidney, bladder, and gallbladder cancer) were investigated using Cox proportional hazard models, adjusting for age, sex, deprivation index, ethnicity, and smoking status.

RESULTS: Mean total score was 3.8 (SD 1.0) points. During a median follow-up of 8 years, 7296 individuals developed cancer. Total score was inversely associated with risk of all cancers combined (HR: 0.93; 95%CI: 0.90-0.95 per 1-point increment), as well as breast (HR: 0.90; 95%CI: 0.86-0.95), colorectal (HR: 0.90; 95%CI: 0.84-0.97), kidney (HR: 0.82; 95%CI: 0.72-0.94), oesophageal (HR: 0.84; 95%CI: 0.71-0.98), ovarian (HR: 0.76; 95%CI: 0.65-0.90), liver (HR: 0.78; 95%CI: 0.63-0.97), and gallbladder (HR: 0.70; 95%CI: 0.53-0.93) cancers.

CONCLUSIONS: Greater adherence to lifestyle-based recommendations was associated with reduced risk of all cancers combined and of breast, colorectal, kidney, oesophageal, ovarian, liver, and gallbladder cancers. Our findings support compliance with the Cancer Prevention Recommendations for cancer prevention in the UK.

Additional Info

  • Authors

    Malcomson F. C.; Parra-Soto S.; Ho F. K.; Lu L.; Celis-Morales C.; Sharp L.; Mathers J. C.
  • Issue

    Periodical: BMC Med - Volume: 21 - Number: 1 - Edition: 20231128
  • Published Date

    28 november 2023