Latest scientific news 31 October 2019

Moderate wine consumption during adolescense and long-term weight gain

This prospective Danish study examined the influence of wine consumption during adolescence on the weight gain until midlife.

The results show that among non-smoking adolescents (average age at baseline 17 years), alcohol and particular wine consumption seems to be related to less weight gain until midlife during the 20 year follow-up period. The researchers conclude that whether this may be related to a specific lifestyle, including a health diet and habits associated with wine and drinking of alcoholic beverages during adolescense, or which functional properties in wine cannot be concluded from the present study.

Poudel P, Ismailova K, Andersen LB, Larsen SC, Heitmann, Adolescent wine consumption is inversely associated with lon-term weight gain: result from follow-up of 20-22 years, Nutrition J, 2019, 

Note from the Wine Information Council: consumption of wine and alcoholic beverages should be avoided by adolescents; authorities have established minimum ages for legally purchasing and drinking alcoholic beverages.