Latest scientific news 15 December 2016

Moderate intake of alcoholic beverages might lower frailty in older individuals

The current study showed that a moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may decrease the risk of frailty in older age and lower inflammation might be a possible mechanism for these positive health outcomes.

FrailtyFrailty is a clinical syndrome characterized by an age-related decline of multiple physiological fun... is an indicator of late-life decline marked by higher rates of disability and healthcare utilisation. Research has linked health benefits with moderate intake of alcoholic beverages, including a lower risk of frailty. US scientists examined the influence of inflammation (with C-reacitve protein as marker of inflammation) as a possible mechanism by which moderate alcohol consumption may protect against frailty. They analysed data of 3,229 stroke-free participants over the age of 65 years using data from the Health and Retirement Study. The findings suggested that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages was associated with lower CRP levels and less frailty. This indirect relationship between moderate use of alcoholic beverages and frailty through CRP was statistically significant; it suggests that the reduced inflammation could indeed be a possible mechanism for beneficial health outcomes in moderate drinkers.

Shah M, Paulson D. C-reactive protein level partially mediates the relationship between moderate alcohol use and frailty: the Health and Retirement Study. Age Ageing. 2016;45(6):874-878.

For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.