Latest scientific news 03 July 2020

J-shaped relationship between moderate drinking and risk of dementia

For the first time, a meta-analysis has been conducted to systematically evaluate the relationship between moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI = state between normal aging and dementia) and the progression to dementia (PDM). A non-linear (J-shaped) dose-response association between alcohol intake and the risk of progressing to dementia was observed. Excessive drinking (> 16 drinks/week, or 27.5g/day) was related to a higher risk of PDM, whereas light and moderate drinkers had a decreased risk of progressing to dementia.

Light = <7 drinks/week

Moderate = 7-14 drinks/week

Heavy = > 14 drinks/week

1 drink = 12 g of alcohol

Lao Y et al, 2020, Association between alcohol intake, mild cognitive impairment and progression to dementia: a dose-response meta-analysis, Aging Clinical and Experimental Research,

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