Events 05 December 2013

End of life. Pleasure of wine and food

Catherine The Great Sébille, social anthropologist, conducted 200 interviews in nursing homes, hospitals, palliative care units with patients, their families and carers. Conducted over 18 months between January 2011 and June 2012 in 12 French regions including Burgundy, this study aims at better understanding the sensory and gustatory experiences of end of life and views of families and carers, doctors and non doctors who work with them.

The symposium which will take place in Beaune (Burgundy) on december 7th, is both interdisciplinary and international.

This will be the opportunity to develop 4 issues linked with this study:

From food to nutrition, a weakening of the sense
When regulations and prohibitions dispossess of identity, culture and citizenship. The urgent need for sound transgression.
The inventiveness as a resource. Rely more on the ingenuity of families, carers and volunteers.
Is it more expensive to please? Does the need of an economic-ethical level lead to forget symbols and tastes?
Fore more information on the programme and the speakers (in French):