Latest scientific news 26 January 2022

Chocolate and wine – cardiovascular effects

A recent review examined the cardiovascular effects of chocolate and wine, two pleasures for the palate and a rich source of bioactive compounds: polyphenols. It was carried out to verify recent reports on the impact of chocolate and wine consumption on cardiovascular health, with a particular focus on atherosclerosis. The data of this review confirmed the cardioprotective properties of chocolate and wine when consumed in moderation:  30-50 g for chocolate and 130/250 ml for wine, respectively for men and women. The excessive consumption of both products, however, can lead to premature death and excessive calories to obesity and other related non-communicable diseases.

There is a general consensus on a lower risk of CVD in moderate drinkers but scientists are still debating whether these effects are due to the alcohol alone or to the non-alcoholic ingredients in wine (polyphenolic compounds). These issues may only be solved by carrying out randomized controlled trials assessing the effects of wine compared to other alcoholic beverages.    

Source: Sperkowska B, Murawska J, Przybylska A, Gackowski M, Kruszewski S, Durmowicz M, Rutkowska D. Cardiovascular Effects of Chocolate and Wine-Narrative Review. Nutrients. 2021 Nov 26;13(12):4269. doi: 10.3390/nu13124269. PMID: 34959821; PMCID: PMC8704773.

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