Events 25 October 2022

The Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation (FIVIN), has launched the first call for grants for “Wine, Nutrition and Health”

The Foundation for Wine and Nutrition Research (FIVIN) with the sponsorship of the OIVE (Interprofessional Wine Organization of Spain) has launched the first call for grants for research projects “Wine, Nutrition and Health”, with the aim of promoting scientific studies that address, from a nutritional and epidemiological point of view, the biological effects on the health of wine and its components following moderate consumption.

After receiving more than 20 proposals from universities and study and research centres from all over Spain, the next steps will consist in evaluating all applications under the criteria of FIVIN’s scientific committee and international experts.

The grant projects, which will be awarded a maximum of 80,000 euros, will be announced mid-November. FIVIN highlights the good reception that this first call has had among scientific and research teams in the country. “It is necessary to encourage public-private collaboration and promote scientific research, since it is a common benefit for our society, especially those that refer to food and that determine, to a large extent, our health,” says FIVIN president, Dr. Ramón Estruch.

This initiative is another example of the Spanish wine sector’s commitment for rigorous and scientific research on wine and its relationship with health and nutrition.