Latest scientific news 17 June 2015

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation launches Paralelo 40 – World Mediterranean Diet Surveillance System

In an event that took place in Barcelona, with the participation of more than 100 scientists, representatives of authorities and economic operators, the MDF launched the “Paralelo 40 – WORLD MEDITERRANEAN DIET SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM” with the endorsement of a large number of local, national and international stakeholders, among them WIM aisbl, FEV and FIVIN. Paralelo 40 is a global multidisciplinary project supported by a Scientific Advisory Board which aims to understand and analyse the trends, evaluate findings and disseminate information and knowledge on the Mediterranean diet and healthy eating habits.

As such, it becomes a tool to safeguard the Mediterranean Diet, recognised as Intangible Heritage of UNESCO since 2011, and defend and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Scientific Committee of “Paralelo 40” is made up of a large group of prestigious and renowned international researchers led by Dr. Ramon Estruch.

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation (MDF) has a long standing contribution in promoting research on the Mediterranean Diet in relation to its healthy, historical, cultural, culinary, agricultural and environmentally friendly aspects and with the launch of Paralelo 40 is becoming an international reference for research in the Mediterranean Diet.

Considering the global approach of Paralelo 40, and the links of the MDF with the successful national WIM Programme in Spain led by FEV and supported by FIVIN, the MDF has adhered to the WIM programme and become a WIM Programme associated partner.

With the aim of reducing alcohol related harm, the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Association adhered to “Paralelo 40” and partnered with the Mediterranean Diet Foundation (MDF) to fight alcohol-related harm and to promote a healthy lifestyle based on the Mediterranean Diet. The main objective of the Partnership agreement, signed on 25 May 2015 in Barcelona, is to support the effective implementation of the WIM Programme.