Latest scientific news 03 August 2016

Survey in France: Young people and wine

A qualitative and quantitative survey among 600 young people (18-35 years) was conducted in France.

The results show that young people have a different relationship with wine depending on the age: teenagers often look for getting drunk rapidly – also known as binge drinking. As they grow older they tend to drink less excessively and wine consumption increases (instead of other alcoholic beverages). Wine is a social product, it creates a link between people and is synonymous of sharing moments. Wine is recognised for its cultural value. 56% of the young people are willing to learn more about wine which means that the introduction to wine by family or close relatives is not sufficient and that professionals have a key role to play. Learning about wine is learning about moderation.


Online survey by Verallia & Bayadères Conseil “Les jeunes et le vin”, May 18-20, 2016

 For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.