26 june 2020

Wine Consumption and Oral Cavity Cancer: Friend or Foe, Two Faces of Janus

The health benefits of moderate wine consumption have been extensively studied during the last few decades. Some studies have demonstrated protective associations between moderate drinking and several diseases including oral cavity cancer (OCC). However, due to the various adverse effects related to ethanol content, the recommendation of moderate wine consumption has been controversial.

The polyphenolic components of wine contribute to its beneficial effects with different biological pathways, including antioxidant, lipid regulating and anti-inflammatory effects. On the other hand, in the oral cavity, ethanol is oxidized to form acetaldehyde, a metabolite with genotoxic properties. This review is a critical compilation of both the beneficial and the detrimental effects of wine consumption on OCC.

Additional Info

  • Authors

    Silva P.; Latruffe N.; Gaetano G.
  • Issue

    Molecules . 2020 May 31;25(11):E2569
  • Published Date

    26 june 2020