27 march 2020

The Effect of Alcohol on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Is There New Information?

The effects of alcohol on cardiovascular health are heterogeneous and vary according toconsumption dose and pattern.

These effects have classically been described as having a J-shapedcurve, in which low-to-moderate consumption is associated with less risk than lifetime abstention,and heavy drinkers show the highest risk. Nonetheless, the beneficial effects of alcohol have beenquestioned due to the difficulties in establishing a safe drinking threshold.

This review focuses onthe association between alcohol consumption and cardiovascular risk factors and the underlyingmechanisms of damage, with review of the literature from the last 10 years.

Additional Info

  • Authors

    Minzer S.; Losno R. A.; Casas R.
  • Issue

    Nutrients 2020 Mar 27;12(4). pii: E912
  • Published Date

    27 march 2020