december 2013

The association of pattern of lifetime alcohol use and cause of death in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study

BACKGROUND: There is limited evidence for an association between the pattern of lifetime alcohol use and cause-specific risk of death. METHODS: Multivariable hazard ratios were estimated for different causes of death according to patterns of lifetime alcohol consumption using a competing risks approach: 111 953 men and 268 442 women from eight countries participating in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study were included. Self-reported alcohol consumption at ages 20, 30, 40 or 50 years and at enrollment were used for the analysis; 26 411 deaths were observed during an average of 12.6 years of follow-up. RESULTS: The association between lifetime alcohol use and death from cardiovascular diseases was different from the association seen for alcohol-related cancers, digestive, respiratory, external and other causes. Heavy users (>5 drinks/day for men and >2.5 drinks/day for women), regardless of time of cessation, had a 2- to 5-times higher risk of dying due to alcohol-related cancers, compared with subjects with lifetime light use (

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    Bergmann M.M.; Rehm J.; Klipstein-Grobusch K.; Boeing H.; Schutze M.; Drogan D.; Overvad K.; Tjonneland A.; Halkjaer J.; Fagherazzi G.; Boutron-Ruault M.C.; Clavel-Chapelon F.; Teucher B.; Kaaks R.; Trichopoulou A.; Benetou V.; Trichopoulos D.; Palli D.; Pala V.; Tumino R.; Vineis P.; Beulens J.W.; Redondo M.L.; Duell E.J.; Molina-Montes E.; Navarro C.; Barricarte A.; Arriola L.; Allen N.E.; Crowe F.L.; Khaw K.T.; Wareham N.; Romaguera D.; Wark P.A.; Romieu I.; Nunes L.; Riboli E.; Ferrari P.
  • Issue

    Int.J.Epidemiol. / pages 1772-1790 / volume 42
  • Published Date

    december 2013