1 july 2014

Patterns of Wine Drinking in the USA and Europe: Implications for Health

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is a world-wide phenomenon. The use of alcoholic beverages in different parts of the world is influenced by economic, social, religious, and traditional forces, therefore countries differ significantly in the amount and type of alcohol consumed and in the temporal trends of use of alcoholic beverages. Italy and the United States are two examples of these differences: Italy is among the world's top producers and consumers of wine, while, in the USA, beer and spirits are more frequently consumed. In addition to differences in the amount and type of alcoholic beverages, Italians and Americans differ significantly in the way the alcoholic beverages are consumed, in particular in relation to the consumption of wine in relation to meals. These differences in the consumption of alcoholic beverages between countries can be used to analyze and better understand the health effects of alcoholic beverages on both individuals and populations.

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  • Authors

    Trvevisan M.
  • Issue

    Ann Epidemiol. / pages 109-112 / volume 22
  • Published Date

    1 july 2014