25 september 2012

Characteristics of predrinking and associated risks: a survey in a sample of German high school students

OBJECTIVES: Finding predictors for predrinking and placing the new phenomenon of predrinking on a greater database. Predrinking is defined as alcohol consumption, alone or with friends, at home or at public places, before going out in the evening to a party or in bars or discotheques.

METHODS: Data were collected from a representative sample of 757 ninth- and tenth-grade students from 31 high schools located in a south German rural region and a city.

RESULTS: Predrinkers, especially those who show this behaviour frequently, were notably more likely to engage in hazardous drinking, and experienced significantly more frequent involvements in fights and alcohol-induced blackouts. They also stated more often that they had the intention of getting drunk when consuming alcohol.

CONCLUSIONS: Predrinking proves to be a high-risk behaviour, particularly when it occurs at a high frequency. This behaviour has to be seen as part of a new youth culture, which does not seem to be limited to a certain subgroup-with all of the associated risks.

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  • Authors

    Wahl S.; Sonntag T.; Roehrig J.; Kriston L.; Berner M.M.
  • Issue

    Int.J.Public Health / pages 197-205 / 58(2)
  • Published Date

    25 september 2012