Are alcohol prices and taxes an evidence-based approach to reducing alcohol-related harm and promoting public health and safety? A literature review

This literature review examines alcohol prices and taxes aspotential prevention strategies-examining the links with high-riskdrinking and drinking patterns and alcohol-related harm. Aliterature search of the studies on alcohol price and taxation wasconducted using multiple electronic bibliographic databases.Examined outcomes were a) drinking patterns and high riskdrinking; and b) harm from alcohol. Fifty-four relevant studies wereevaluated, and the majority found that a change in price or taxes onalcohol had an impact on one or more of the two main outcomevariables. Significant variations exist across studies in terms ofdesigns, settings, effects across groups, and types of harm. In orderto reduce alcohol-related trauma, chronic disease, and otherconsequences of high-risk drinking, an increase in pricing/taxationis a central component of an overall alcohol strategy.

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    Contemporary Drug Problems, pages 7-47 / volume 39
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