may 2011

Age, period and cohort analysis of light and binge drinking in Finland, 1968-2008

AIMS: To analyse the effects of age, period and cohort (APC) on light and binge drinking in the general population of Finland over the past 40 years.

METHODS: All analyses were based on six Drinking Habits Surveys between 1968 and 2008 of representative samples of the Finnish population aged between 15 and 69 (n = 16,400). The number of drinking occasions per year involving 1-2 drinks (light) and 4+ or 6+ drinks (binges) was used as a dependent variable in APC modelling. Descriptive cohort profiles and negative binomial models were used to assess the effects of APC.

RESULTS: Descriptive cohort profiles differed for light and binge drinking. No substantial differences were found across cohort profiles for light drinking, while APC modelling predicted declining cohort and increasing period effects. Differences between cohorts were found for binge drinking, with predictions of slightly declining or increasing period and increasing cohort effects.

CONCLUSIONS: Light drinking has increased over time for each cohort, with no substantial differences between cohort profiles. Binge drinkingBinge drinking (consuming rapidly four or more alcoholic drinks over a short period of time) has bee... has increased with more recent cohorts and thereA are distinct differences between cohort profiles, especially among women.

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  • Authors

    Harkonen J.T.; Makela P.
  • Issue

    Alcohol Alcohol / pages 349-356 / volume 46
  • Published Date

    may 2011