Latest scientific news 25 January 2021

Overall lifestyle pattern matter more than individual factors: Achieving a higher longevity with the Mediterranean way of living

General lifestyle pattern rather than individual factors may contribute to reduce the chronic disease risk and mortality. In this study of an older Spanish population, a higher adherence to a Mediterranean lifestyle – which included dietary habits, physical activity, rest, social habits and conviviality – was related to a 41% lower risk of dying from any disease compared to a lower adherence. The authors summarized their results suggesting the traditional Mediterranean way of living reduces the risk of mortality (thus, increases longevity) and may serve as a guide toward health and longevity across the world.

Hershey MS et al, 2020, The association between the Mediterranean lifestyle Index and all-cause mortality in the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra Cohort, Am J Prev Med 59(6):e239-e248,