Events 13 February 2014

Nutrition and Physical Activity, from childhood to old age: Challenges and opportunities

Protection and advancement of citizens’ health is a declared priority for the EU. Both prevention and medical treatment can contribute to health, but prevention has certain advantages. Among preventive actions, two are universal in their applicability: good nutrition and physical activity, which are applicable across the life span.

The Conference, therefore, will deal with issues such as nutrition and physical activity during childhood and old age, alike, childhood obesity, policies to tackle diet-related NCDS, public health issues with a focus on the underprivileged, and scientific considerations for the formulation of strategies within the EU.

With nutrition and physical activity being relevant to the entire life span, including the sensitive childhood and old age years, effective approaches, as well as their applicability to the EU population and its vulnerable subgroups need to be considered.

Prospects for the encouragement of dietary patterns, like the ecologically friendly Mediterranean diet and adaptation of physical activity integrated in the daily life at the total population level, as well as their facilitation with a view to substantial health effects in the context of the modern EU lifestyle will be discussed.

For more information about the conference, please visit the Greek Presidency’s website.