Latest scientific news 27 February 2020

Moderate wine intake of older individuals and longevity

In this large prospective study, the researchers found moderate drinkers can increase their chances of longer life expectancy.

The results of the Netherlands Cohort Study show that elderly men and women who moderately consume alcoholic beverages (5≤15 g of alcohol/day) have the highest chances of reaching 90 years of age compared with those who rarely or never consumed alcoholic beverages. More specifically, female moderate wine drinkers seem to live longer, however, the chances of reaching 90 years of age decreased in women consuming more than 15g of alcohol per day. Based on their results, the authors also stated to avoid binge drinking for a longer life expectancy.

Van den Brandt et al, Alcohol consumption in later life and reaching longevity: the Netherlands Cohort Study, Age and Ageing 2020; 00:1-8.


For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.