Latest scientific news 27 April 2017

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can slow down HDL-cholesterol decreases with age

In this large prospective study, the researchers showed an umbrella-shaped association between the total intake of alcoholic beverages and the longitudinal change of the “good” HDL cholesterol. The decrease of HDL-cholesterol with age was lowest among moderate drinkers.

Higher levels of the “good” HDL-cholesterol (HDL) are believed to be protective against cardiovascular disease and greater consumption of alcoholic beverages has been associated with higher HDL concentrations in a dose-response manner. As HDL is known to decrease with age, American and Chinese scientists examined the relation between total intake of alcoholic beverages, the type of alcoholic beverage, and the 6-year longitudinal change in HDL-cholesterol concentrations in a community-based cohort of 71,379 Chinese adults (mean age: 50 y), who were free of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and did not use cholesterol-lowering agents during the follow-up period. The results showed that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages was associated with a  slower HDL-cholesterol decrease over time.

Huang S, Li J, Shearer GC, et al. Longitudinal study of alcohol consumption and HDL concentrations: a community-based study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2017;105:905-912.

For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.