Latest scientific news 28 October 2014

High stroke risk in Russia due to excessive alcohol consumption

The findings of a Russian study showed that due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, more than a quarter of Russian males and 18.4% of females die prematurely from stroke.

The mortality rate from stroke in Russia is one of the highest in the world. Epidemiological evidence suggests that binge drinking is an important determinant of this high stroke rate. A study was carried out to estimate the premature stroke mortality attributable to alcohol abuse in Russia on the basis of stroke mortality data and alcohol consumption for the period 1980-2005. The results suggest that 26.8% of all male stroke deaths and 18.4% female stroke deaths could be attributed to alcohol. The estimated alcohol-attributable fraction for men ranged from 16.2% (75+ age group) to 57,5% (30-44 age group) and for women from 21.7% (60-74 age group) and 43.5% (30-44 age group).

Razvodovsky Y. E., Fraction of stroke mortality attributable to alcohol consumption in Russia. Adicciones. 2014;26(2):126-133.

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