Latest scientific news 24 March 2021

Chinese light drinkers with a lower disease and mortality risk

The results of this large-scale prospective study with over 80,000 Chinese participants and a follow-up time of 10 years showed that participants who reported consuming between 1g and 150 g of alcohol/week had a lower risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer and total mortality compared to heavy drinker and non-drinkers. The authors explain that this study in an Asian population supports prior observations of a J-shaped association between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and chronic diseases (CVD and cancer) and all-cause mortality.

Zhang, X., Liu, Y., Li, S. et al. Alcohol consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and mortality: a prospective cohort study. Nutr J 20, 13 (2021).

For more information about this article, read the scientific abstract here.