Events 28 October 2014

37th OIV World Congress of vine and wine

“Southern Vitiviniculture, a Confluence of Knowledge and Nature”
November 9-14, 2014, Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina will host the 37th World Congress of Vine and Wine, “SOUTHERN Vitiviniculture, Confluence of Knowledge and Nature”, envisioned creating a scientific and technical space of exchange and enrichment. In the province of Mendoza, “Land of the Sun and the Good Wine”, main venue of the Congress and meetings of the OIV will take place.

From the north to the south of Argentina, a great variety of landscapes can be perceived. In the wide area dedicated to vitiviniculture, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, privileged conditions of latitude, climates and soil diversity, provide as a result top quality wines which stand out worldwide, with the uniqueness of Argentine terroirs.

Specialist of the wine, health and social aspects might be interested in the topics of “The ones who choose / what is chosen” and “History and people” of the 3rd Theme -Economy and law and of course of the 4th theme topics: Safety and Health.

Theme C: Responsible Drinking, Prevention and educational programs

  1. Prevention in young population
  2. Alcohol and responsible drinking
  3. Educational programs
  4. Health Public projects

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